BOE candidate Angel Valentin misrepresented himself as Certified Social Worker, license expired 8 years ago

Though he misrepresented himself as a Certified Social Worker, Jersey City Board of Education candidate Angel Valentin said “knowingly and voluntarily allowing my certification to non-renew does not diminish the time I was a practicing social worker.”

Angel Valentin (IMAGE: Hudson County View)

Angel Valentin (IMAGE: Hudson County View)

Despite being identified in two news articles as a Certified Social Worker, the license of Angel Valentin, an Education Matters candidate for Jersey City Board of Education (JCBOE), expired over eight years ago.

In a September 6, 2016 interview with Hudson County View, Valentin specifically stated that “I’m a certified social worker and my reason for running for this board is that I have resources.” As well, in a Hudson Reporter article from October 9, 2016, Valentin is identified as “a certified social worker and has worked in the Jersey City Employment Training Program [JCETP].”

Of note, Valentin was removed from the JCETP after Mayor Fulop was elected, telling the Jersey Journal at the time that it “smells of politics.” Valentin is now being endorsed by Fulop for JCBOE, the second time he’s been endorsed by Fulop for a board seat, though, in 2013, Fulop unsuccessfully endorsed Carol Lester over him for a 1-year term to fill a vacancy after the resignation of Marvin Adames.

Regarding the issue, Valentin told Real Jersey City that he “worked as a social worker for many years before falling victim to a reduction in force,” and that he didn’t renew his license because it “didn’t make sense financially to do so since I knew I was now retired as a social worker.”

When asked whether his current job in Jersey City’s Department of Health and Human Services required a license, Valentin said it did not and neither did his position with JCETP.

Finally, Valentin made clear that he was “proud of the work I have done in my capacity as a social worker and in the work I continue to do today in service to my community. Social work is a vocation and a lifelong calling, not something that is entered into lightly.”

UPDATE: The information regarding Valentin’s license is available on the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs website. The expiration date was 8/31/2008.

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