21 thoughts of a ‘Jersey Journalist for Justice’

Real Jersey City publisher Michael Shurin is a “Jersey Journalist for Justice” with 21 thoughts regarding politics & corruption in Jersey City, Hudson County and beyond.

State Senator Linda Greenstein (D-14) and a collection of stories that need to be investigated at some point.

UPDATE: This article has been edited to reflect that State Sen. Nicholas Sacco is not the chairman of the Judiciary committee. The chairman of that committee is state Sen. Nicholas Scutari.

1. I’m endorsing Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) for President in 2020. Not for any particular reason other than he’s a moderate Republican, anti-Trump and a seemingly reasonable person. Additionally, there’s no Democrat I’ve seen worth voting for and my vote doesn’t count in New Jersey.

2. I’ve never been more inspired to be an American. Not because of what Trump’s presidency represents, quite the opposite actually. It’s the opposition to Trump that has revitalized our constitutional republic, specifically the checks and balances that have slowed down the madness.

3. I’m proud to be an American where I know I’m free to publish Real Jersey City. Trump promised to lock her up and drain the swamp, I got Mayor Steven Fulop’s police chief convicted and I’m looking to clean the cesspool now.

4. The best way to actually combat public corruption is aggressive media and independent prosecutors. Though that’s happening on the national level – evidenced by Trump, Robert Mueller and the mainstream media – it’s severely lacking in New Jersey.

5. At best, the FBI and USDOJ can remove criminals from positions of power and monitor corrupt public institutions. Ultimately, if people want change, it’s the role of citizens to advocate for systematic reforms and hold public officials accountable.

6. I love New Jersey, but the influence state senators have over the selection of county prosecutors, through senatorial courtesy, must change. In short, taxpayers ultimately bear the financial burden of corruption, and the system in place favors prosecutors more concerned with playing politics than holding local officials accountable.

7. Hudson County is the worst example, where two out of three state senators – Nicholas Sacco (D-32) and Brian Stack (D-33) – also serve as mayors (North Bergen and Union City, respectively).

8. Reports produced by the NBC 4 NY I-Team, including police off-duty corruption in the Jersey City Housing Authority, plus an alleged no-show security director in the North Bergen Housing Authority, begin to paint a picture of Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez’s record.

9. I also feel like the artwork below begins to paint a picture of Prosecutor Suarez’s record.

Prosecutor Esther Suarez with – right to left – ex-JCPD Chief Philip Zacche, Sen Robert Menendez and ex-JCPD officer Jeff Rodriguez.

10. As far as the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office (HCPO) goes, First Deputy Assistant Prosecutor Peter Stoma and “Chief of Investigations” Gene Rubino have a lot of questions to answer. In Rubino’s case, he recently had the opportunity to do that at a Hudson County Board of Freeholders meeting. Instead of answering my questions about a no-bid contract awarded by the HCPO, he exercised his right to remain silent.

11. Given the fact that the Office of the New Jersey Attorney General (NJOAG) is literally run by someone who oversaw a no-bid contract to the same company Rubino didn’t want to answer questions about… That’s kind of alarming to me.

12. I read that Friday-before-Memorial-Day-Weekend-special by Terrence McDonald covering the NJOAG’s investigation of the city’s recreation department. The article failed to provide any specific details, or credit Bruce Alston as the person who broke the story, but talk about perfect timing for the NJOAG to be investigating timesheets…

13. Also, I don’t have a problem with Alston. Whether you like him or not, he was unfairly targeted, to keep it classy, by the HCPO. That said, his original report was enough to spark an actual NJOAG investigation?

14. I literally conducted surveillance operations, submitted Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requests for timesheets and went to the NJOAG regarding Jersey City Police Department (JCPD) corruption. They did nothing, but now they’re investigating the recreation department due to a Hudson County Chronicles exclusive?

15. It’ll be interesting to see if any minority employees of the recreation department are ultimately prosecuted by the NJOAG. I think it might seem unfair, especially to people of color, if certain recreation employees get hit with the hammer while JCPD Lt. Terrence Crowley is allowed to retire and Capt. Leonidas “Lou” Karras gets to keep his job.

16. As you can see from the video below, I spotted Karras today and asked him if he plans on retiring soon. Though he had no comment, this journalist hopes he stays on through the summer for the sake of the people.

17. State Sen. Linda Greenstein (D-14) needs to hold public hearings regarding the record of top law enforcement officials – from the NJOAG, HCPO and JCPD – related to criminal justice corruption in New Jersey’s soon-to-be largest city. Without such hearings, there’s no way to guarantee the transparency necessary to make black lives matter (or Miguel Feliz’s life).

18. I’m bringing this matter to Greenstein’s attention because she is the chairwoman of the New Jersey Senate Law and Public Safety Committee, and it’s from that committee real change – systematic reforms – for the people of Jersey City begins. Furthermore, it’s my belief her leadership could certainly make this state a safer place for all New Jerseyans – especially for those living in communities suffering from recurring violence committed with illegal guns.

19. Also, Greenstein is about as unbiased a person Jersey City and Hudson County could get that’s leading the most relevant committee in Trenton.

20. Additionally, if Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-3) is going to hold hearings on Project Veritas’ latest undercover videos, I have a few points I’d like to add regarding publicity of arrests involving two school districts covered by Sen. Stack – Jersey City and Union City.

21. Just like Democrats have rightly called for investigations into Russian collusion, New Jersey Republicans need to be doing the same thing. Maybe we’ll finally figure out why Mayor Fulop dropped-out of the Democratic Primary and endorsed now-Gov. Phil Murphy? In my opinion, it couldn’t hurt the NJGOP’s chances of gaining credibility with a large cross-section of voters who feel left behind with the status quo in Democrat-controlled New Jersey.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: A “Jersey Journalist for Justice” should not be confused with a journalist working for The Jersey Journal, which is a newspaper committed to covering-up corruption and publishing misinformation.

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  • There are cover ups going on in Jersey City. There is asbestos, mold and mice infestation in Jersey City Public Schools older buildings that should have been torn down and rebuilt years ago. Someone is misappropriating the funds and there is a cover up of it. They have not had OSHA come out to look at several known schools that have it. the old PS 3 formerly know as Frank R. Conwell School – 70 Bright Street now Zero Tolerance School, PS 34 President Obama School,1830 John F. Kennedy Blvd, and PS 24 formerly known as Chaplain Charles J. Watters School (Watters School) located 220 Virginia Avenue. Teachers have gotten sick and been diagnosed with respiratory infections that turned in bronchitis which comes from mold. There are three people who were diagnosed with cancer and two of the people have died. This year several teachers have been sick because of the building and they may not even be aware of it. Please help the staff and students there no one at the Board of Education or the Union seems to care.

    The teachers are even burden down with supplies they have to purchase to enable their students to succeed. Teachers are spending thousands of dollars each year without reimbursement because they want to aide in the learning of their students. Then they have to come to school and be abused by administration and unjustly accused of things they are not doing. They are stressed out and some have come to school sick because they are afraid of the write ups. They need their job and they don’t want to be placed on a CAP. It is time for change teachers need someone to back them up. If teachers are not first how can our children come first in the school system. Teachers are the backbone of education. Teachers need our help to keep them healthy and they need a raise and health benefits that will be paid by the Board of Education 80% of it due to the stress of the environment.

    The Board of Education need to take on the responsibility of health insurance, funding for school supplies for the students, nutritional lunches for our students to eat and healthier buildings for the students, teachers and staff to work in.

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