Are you interested in reporting on Jersey City and/or investigating corruption?

If you’ve enjoyed reading Real Jersey City, and might have an interest in reporting local news or investigating corruption, send a message through the website’s contact form to sign-up for a free 1-day workshop.

To be clear, as far as workshops on local journalism go, I’m probably unqualified to host one. Yet, at the very least, I can teach what I’ve learned to those interested in taking on the task of educating citizens, empowering people, and exposing corrupt public officials.

Additionally, this workshop is for those who’ve enjoyed reading Real Jersey City and might be curious about starting a similar platform – which means anyone interested already knows my work/qualifications.

They’d also know Jersey City desperately needs people to report local news that goes beyond press releases and holds public officials accountable – which isn’t particularly lucrative, but can add a lot of purpose to one’s life.

As I’ve previously stated, I’m tired of BS and no longer have any gas in the tank for investigative journalism or this website. All that’s left is a bunch of articles sitting in draft, waiting to be published, plus a few videos for social media.

At the same time, I feel a sense of duty to try and help fill a massive need for local news in Jersey City – thus I’ve decided to host a free 1-day workshop for up to 10 qualified candidates. Those interested will be screened and preference will be given to born-and-raised Jersey City youth (as there’s been enough not really Jersey City news published by yours truly). To sign-up, send a message by clicking the link below:


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