B.I.T.E. Jersey City – LD-31 NJ Assembly Candidate Forum (Lincoln High School – 5-22-2015)

B.I.T.E. Jersey City hosted their LD-31 NJ Assembly candidate forum at Lincoln High School on May 22, 2015 moderated by Earl Morgan.

As seen in the video above, things got crazy during B.I.T.E. (Black Interest Team Enterprise) Jersey City’s LD-31 Assembly candidate forum hosted by journalist Earl Morgan.

Democrats Angela McKnight, Bruce Alston, Joe Conte, Ray Regalado, Washington Flores, and Nicholas Chiaravalloti, as well as Republican Matthew Kopko, participated in the candidate forum hosted at Lincoln High School on May 22, 2015.

Video 1 – Candidates discuss education, including funding for district and charter schools:

Video 2 – Candidates discuss criminal justice and incarceration/recidivism rates:

Video 3 – Candidates discuss property taxes and New Jersey’s pension problems:

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