‘Bailed out a window’: JCFD training chief gets torched for ‘Embarrassing’ department

JCFD Chief Steven McGill wrote that Deputy Chief William McClintock “bailing out of a window” during a controlled live burn exercise at the Morris County fire training facility was an “embarrassment” that left a “lasting negative impression” of the department.

JCFD Chief Steven McGill – Morris County training facility (PHOTO: Morris County Government/YouTube) – William McClintock (PHOTO: Facebook)

Deputy Chief William McClintock of the Jersey City Fire Department (JCFD) got the worst Christmas gift any Jersey City firefighter could imagine – The McGuillotine.

McClintock, who was serving as Chief of Training since August 20, 2018, per The Jersey Journal, has been relieved of his duties and reassigned to JCFD Headquarters according to a memo written by Chief Steven McGill – which was obtained by Real Jersey City.

“This past week, I was provided with information about Deputy Chief McClintock’s activities while overseeing Fire Recruit Training in the Morris County Police & Fire Academy,” wrote McGill in the memo dated December 20, 2018.

“While fire recruits were conducting a controlled live burn exercise in the burn building, DC McClintock disrupted the training by bailing out of a window. He was found on the ground outside of the building and could not provide a valid reason why this happened.”

Details from the memo state that “instructors inside the building said they had a controlled fire burning and had just introduced smoke into the building.” Once the smoke started  banking down, instructors “heard the doors covering the windows open and saw DC McClintock bail out.”

It’s claimed in the memo that “over 2,800 recruits have gone through that same exercise and no one has ever bailed out.”

McGill wrote that he apologized to the Morris County Chief on behalf of the JCFD and assured him the incident was “totally uncharacteristic and outside the norm” of any Jersey City firefighter.

The fire chief ended the letter by stating McClintock’s actions were an “embarrassment” that left a “lasting negative impression on our professionalism which we will work diligently to correct.”

JCFD sources who spoke to Real Jersey City called the letter “harsh” and “demeaning,” though none were aware of specific details regarding the incident outside of what McGill wrote in the memo – which was sent to all chief officers.

Ironically, it’s McGill who many feel is the biggest embarrassment in the JCFD. From getting away with DWI in a city vehicle in the early 2000’s, to being made fire chief during a sham process, to lighting a cigar at a deadly Union City fire – all because his daddy was a powerful judge and his sister is married to political powerbroker Nicholas Fargo.

Both McClintock and representatives from his union, the Jersey City Fire Officers Association, could not be reached for immediate comment.

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  • McGill was very smart to have the COD testing done when only 3 people were eligible to take the test. Waiting a few more months would have brought more Bn’s. and Deputies to the testing process. Keeping it at 3 ensured that he would be picked (according to the Civil Service-Rule of 3.)

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