Black Lives Don’t Matter (and neither does my work)

Black lives don’t matter because Sgt. Vincent Corso is still a police officer and Jersey City politics continue to enable his reckless behavior.

Sgt. Vincent Corso with service weapon stuck inside   his waistline.

Sgt. Vincent Corso with service weapon stuck inside his waistline.

Before I begin, when I say my work doesn’t matter I’m not talking about The Jersey Journal stealing my stories and passing it off as original research. While I’d like to thank all the people that reached out to me regarding their non-existent journalistic ethics, I’m happy that bits and pieces of the truth regarding Sgt. Vincent Corso were published on the platform.

I’ll get back to their awful reporting in a future piece regarding Capt. Nicola Flora, but for now I’m talking about Mayor Steven Fulop, the Jersey City Council, Jersey City Police Department (JCPD) and Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office (HCPO) failing to take real action.

As first revealed by Real Jersey City, Sgt. Vincent Corso of the Jersey City Police Department (JCPD) was punished 970 days after his infamous incident in Robbinsville, NJ. He lost 15 compensatory and vacation days for, among other infractions, violation of Rule 4:102 (removal of firearm from holster).

Mentioned in Robbinsville Police Officer Barbara Borges’ official statement regarding the incident in which Corso was taken into custody for suspected DWI, Borges stated that Corso’s gun was “not secured in his holster instead it was stuck inside the waistline of his sweat pants.”

The picture featured in this article clearly shows Corso’s behavior hasn’t changed, but the good news is that there are good cops that want him fired because of the negative stereotypes he perpetuates. Unfortunately, Mayor Steven Fulop has decided Corso is above the rules because he’s the 1st VP of the Jersey City Police Superior Officers Association (JCPSOA).

Despite my efforts – including emails, public speeches, and private communications – Corso’s disgraceful behavior continues due to the indestructible status quo of the JCPD and Jersey City politics.

Let’s not forget Corso is the officer who tragically shot and killed fifteen-year-old Michael Anglin in 2000 near the intersection of Bayview and Arlington Avenues. As first reported by Real Jersey City over a year ago, through Corso’s own admission, under questioning from the HCPO, it came to light that he was at a bar hours before the shooting of Anglin.

There’s also the infamous video below – filmed a few years after he killed Anglin – which was clearly acceptable behavior for Mayor Jerramiah Healy, ex-Chief Tom Comey, and then-Corporation Counsel Bill Matsikoudis because he remained on the force despite taking swigs from a liquor bottle in uniform.

I’m sure after watching that video, and the Robbinsville video, it’s still believable Corso wasn’t drinking in the bar – while working an off-duty job – hours before he killed Anglin.

And that’s why black lives don’t matter, because Mayor Fulop, the entire Jersey City Council, JCPD leadership, and HCPO “believe” Corso wasn’t drinking in the bar before he killed a black teenager (the grandson of Bishop William Pickett).

Of note, Corso’s brother-in-law, Robert Kearns, who picked him up with James Carroll from Robbinsville that infamous night, is the president of the JCPSOA.

Also of note, the Education Matters ticket of Sudhan Thomas, Angel Valentin, and Gina Verdibello felt these same JCPSOA officials are “leaders” that candidates running for the Jersey City Board of Education (JCBOE) should seek an endorsement from.

One must assume they also believe Corso wasn’t drinking before he killed Anglin, otherwise they wouldn’t proudly accept his endorsement.

One must also assume that if #AllLivesMatter when #BlackLivesMatter then #EducationMatters when #BlackLivesMatter, yet no assumptions are needed to show my work to bring accountability to the JCPD doesn’t matter to the Education Matters team.

I hope the Education Matters team thinks long and hard about that endorsement, and how they would explain it to students, parents, and activists that support #BlackLivesMatter and identify with Colin Kaepernick when he says “to me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

It’s time for Education Matters to rethink and reject that endorsement, and for every JCBOE candidate to call on Mayor Fulop and the Jersey City Council to take action before tragedy strikes again.

It won’t happen though, because black lives don’t matter – especially Michael Anglin’s life.

SPECIAL NOTE: To Public Safety Director James Shea – when the feds make their move, do you think anyone will believe you weren’t complicit in all the off-duty jobs corruption? Especially after they watch the video of you in a bar with Corso – while he was working an off-duty job, not in uniform – after a school shooting? You really believe the police brass in that meeting this past week weren’t thinking of me when you were spewing that hogwash, pushing the blame on everyone else?


  • You’re truly one dumb fuck. Get a life, you fucking loser. I hope you get robbed and call the very police officers you talk shit about. Asshole

  • … if black lives did matter then the JCPD, Director Shea and City Hall wouldn’t have covered up the racist report written by Lt. Terrence Crowley, where he referred to city employee Floyd Harley as an n-word” – the same Lt. Crowley who is also a PSOA officer (AND was in PSOA President Robert Kearns wedding party.)

    …if black lives did matter, they wouldn’t have let the racist Lt. Crowley oversee and mishandle the investigation into Jermaine Woodward, Jr’s death after he was struck by two cars on Bostwick Avenue last year.”

    Really? Who do they really matter to?

  • I have stayed quiet a long time while watching this evolving train wreck of corruption they call Jersey City.

    So, to be clear – we have drunk cops (yeah, that’s not news; no judgement – just an observation), a clear issue of systemic racism, corruption and a Mayor and his mouthpiece, um, I mean, Public Safety Director, covering it all up – mainly by protecting the racist, going out drinking with the drunk cop – a high-ranking member of the police union himself, and partying with the Union mukkity-mucks on a regular basis…evidently to ensure the Union does what they want. Isn’t that some type of conflict? The Mayor, his Public Safety Director and the Union are all nice and snuggly from what I can see. Did I get that right?

    I guess my question is where the city council is while this is happening? What are THEY getting to sell their own people out – or are they too busy marching with #BlackLivesMatter to pay attention to the very proof right under their noses that says they don’t?

    We all know the council is aware. EVERYONE down here knows they ignored that racist letter and all the dangerous behaviour – it was documented all over local and national TV for over a year. So, what are they getting from the Mayor and his staff and why are we voting them into office? Why are we paying to be dismissed and degraded like we are too stupid to know what is going on?

    Let’s go Voters. It’s time to make OUR VOTES MATTER.

  • This report was not about the good cops – it was clearly about the bad ones whose actions put the public in danger. Thank you for addressing the fact that some people do not play by the same rules that the rest of us would go to jail for if we violated them. Thank you to the good cops that we would want answering our call for help.

  • You really should verify the facts prior to writing nonsense. What you are doing is deformation of character. It is quite sad that someone is able to write whatever they want, even if it’s false. I am quite certain you would not like it if someone wrote false things about you or any member of your family. Please make sure to verify all facts prior to writing this garbage. I am only glad you don’t have a great following to read these lies. This comment pertains to every piece of garbage you have written.

    • Thanks for the comment. Two things:

      1. You’re clearly unable to dispute any facts mentioned in this story. Also, the word I think you’re looking for is “defamation” – not “deformation” – and the facts speak for themselves.

      2. I can see your IP address and it’s the same for the comment from “Fuck you” on October 16, 2016, as well as “Thissiteisdumb” on March 28, 2016 on another article (apparently from Secaucus, not Jersey City, but I’m sure Comcast knows the exact details). You’re probably the same guy calling me with the lame threats on restricted phone calls, so these posts haven’t been the brightest move.

  • Play fair michael. Disclosing someones ip can cause us to expose the location of your weak apache server accessed from your wanna be techy apple… let people voice their opinion just like you do.

    You also broke your own rules. Your shitty java page clearly states ” address never made public”

    • I let people voice their opinion, no one’s IP address was disclosed, no rules were broken, and feel free to expose me (I’ll give you some material to expose me with in a coming article).

    • I have heard about this web site and finally remembered to come here. This is good stuff. The videos do not lie. Very good reporting.

      We need more of this.

      Good Job, keep it up, you are the type of person we need in our community.

      • Your absolutely right Tony. There is more to come. How these officers can keep on getting away with this is beyond me. I am sure that there are cops that do the right thing but a small portion. 90% of cops are divorced.

  • Why you take post away? Dont scared mikhail. Leave innocent alone to comment. If like i post for anon?

    • No posts have been taken down, they aren’t published until approved and I didn’t check until this morning. Calm down, no one is scared.

  • When’s this article coming out about Nicola flora????

  • People,ALL humans have issues, it’s sad that this police officer has a drinking issue BUT not all of the officers should be lumped together. Because when the crap hits the fan THEY COME RUNNING To defend us. I won’t say they are all perfect, because we all have problems But these brave guys and gals DO come to our aid. I’ve been stopped and ticketed in my hometown of JC and I have also been defended by these men and women. I’m torn because I feel the People in blue already have targets on there backs and now the media I kicking there asses. And at the same time I believe in The Blacks lives matter movement. But BLUE lives also matter.

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