But let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream

“For me, the HCPO’s leadership is on the ropes and I’m a puncher’s chance away from potentially changing the system forever. I’m not saying the odds are in my favor, I’m saying I’ve got good enough odds that I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I didn’t step up and do something.” – Real Jersey City publisher Michael Shurin.

HCPO First Deputy Assistant Prosecutor Peter Stoma, Michael Shurin (2012 Congressional Candidate picture), Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez

This piece is for those who might not understand what motivates me to publish this website. Also, the last time I tried doing this it was too long.

More importantly, I need to do a better job explaining why Real Jersey City matters. Laid-off Jersey City Housing Authority workersCarrie Walters and cops stealing from taxpayers are merely symptoms of a system corrupt to its core.

I also want to cease publication of this website and move on with my life. Real Jersey City has become unhealthy for me – weight gain, stress and anxiety over my future top the list of adverse effects.

If I had a piece of advice for every quixotic person that dreams of changing the world, I’d tell them what my father told me when I left my corporate job to run for Congress – no good deed goes unpunished and focus on making money.

Years later, for a brief moment in time, I had finally accepted that advice and moved on from New Jersey to focus on making money (in a positive way).

Then, days after leaving, I got the phone call that federal authorities nabbed ex-Jersey City Police Department (JCPD) Chief Phillip Zacche. He was ultimately convicted for the investigative reporting I published through Real Jersey City. My work actually mattered, at least by my own standards, for the first time in my life.

If I had a message for every quixotic person that dreams of changing the world, I’d tell them money can’t buy that feeling. It’s that feeling which drove me back to finish this website off.

Many more will face prosecution for my 2016 report exposing off-duty theft from the Jersey City Housing Authority. Zacche will soon be joined by members of the narcotics/street crimes unit; the type of corrupt cops that inspired me to change the world long before I knew a thing about the JCPD, the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office (HCPO) or Steven Fulop.

For those who don’t know, nearly 7 years ago I began my journey for change and justice -which had been an epic failure up until September 2017. A solid six years of losses that started when I foolishly ran for Congress. With wins few and far between, I was essentially the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs of activism.

Of note, Mayor Fulop also took a shellacking in a Democratic Primary for U.S. Congress long before me. I once remember him offering a perspective about the experience, one I share, which is essentially that every candidate has to contemplate where they fit in politically after suffering their first defeat.

My agenda was never to fit in politically. My agenda was never about accolades and awards. It was never about making money or setting myself up for a bigger opportunity.

As a matter of fact, the agenda has always been about taking on a corrupt justice system – which is fueled by my opposition to the War on Drugs. Unfortunately, I didn’t know it then, but running for office was the most self-defeating thing I could’ve done. I had to suffer a devastating loss to find my place in a world that has no place for me.

I learned that investigative journalism was where I fit in, but that I’m limited in that industry because I ran for office and I’ve been open about my political views.

Investigative journalism led me to the core of a corrupt justice system, through a maze of crooked politics in an infamous county, and now I’m a stone’s throw away from the David vs Goliath upset I was searching for when I first ran for Congress.

That said, I’m legitimately scared to move forward. This isn’t about Zacche and those leading the Jersey City Police Superior Officers Association (JCPSOA) anymore. It’s kind of about Fulop, but, despite recent articles, it’s actually not and it really hasn’t been for a long time.

I report about him because all the people he’s backstabbed like when I report about him. Without a doubt, backstabbing some people has clearly backfired on Fulop.

Furthermore, due to long lapses without posting, this website can be broken down into three different chapters. Below is a quick synopsis:

Chapter 1: Exploiting the gubernatorial hopes of Mayor Fulop to take on police corruption in Jersey City, which was emboldened by the mayor’s ambitions. Unfortunately for me, Fulop was able to manipulate the original financial backer of this website, Steve Hyman, to pull his support. Predictably, Fulop quickly backstabbed Hyman and has been twisting the knife ever since.

Chapter 2: Taking down the corrupt cops destroying Jersey City, specifically my old friends at the JCPSOA that took pleasure in my apparent demise. Fortunately for them, Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez and HCPO First Deputy Assistant Prosecutor Peter Stoma covered-up all the corruption I exposed. Instead, they indicted a female whistleblower – with bad evidence – for exposing racism and sexism in the JCPD.

Chapter 3: Inspired by federal authorities convicting Zacche for my work, after Suarez exonerated the disgraced ex-chief, I’m back to take down the HCPO – the core of corruption in Hudson County. I’m not a fortune teller, but I learned from Chapter 2 that for justice to roll down like waters I’ll need to be strategic and collaborative.

All that said, the HCPO’s institutional rape and attempted murder of Lt. Kelly Chesler, the aforementioned female whistleblower, is what matters to me. Her case not only represents a stomach-churning example of prosecutorial misconduct, it’s apparently representative of Stoma’s moral compass.

Chapter 3 is so much bigger than Kelly Chesler, I’m just using her story to draw a line with the HCPO.

If the line isn’t drawn at the malicious prosecution of a female officer that revealed racism and sexism within a police department through a whistleblower lawsuit, which now includes a judge tossing bad evidence used to indict, then countless other women within Hudson County will continue to be victimized by much worse.

I hate that I have to use Chesler’s name, but the HCPO is really trying to kill her. I don’t know what’s more sickening – what she’s going through or that I’m currently her only public advocate. Additionally, it’s time for others in the media to accurately report on her story.

As for Esther Suarez, I gave her the opportunity to do the right thing. Instead, she played politics with a woman’s life so she could be New Jersey Attorney General. That plan didn’t work and now she’s in too deep with no easy way out.

For me, the HCPO’s leadership is on the ropes and I’m a puncher’s chance away from potentially changing the system forever. I’m not saying the odds are in my favor, I’m saying I’ve got good enough odds that I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I didn’t step up and do something.

Furthermore, after reading the Miguel Feliz lawsuit, I realized a lot more from this website is about to matter. It seems that my righteousness has created an ever-flowing stream of taxpayer dollars to the victims of corruption and cover-ups committed by Fulop, James Shea, Stoma and Suarez.

The financial cost of corruption exposed on this website shall be borne by Jersey City taxpayers and is approximately $25 million right now. The human cost of Suarez and Stoma’s corruption has been paid, and will continue to be paid, with black and blue lives.

Though no one knows how Real Jersey City will ultimately end, I do know when it will end. Like I’ve previously stated, this website will end 15 days after Chesler’s case is resolved, and will include no more than 11 posts within that time frame – in honor of Patrick Mahomes II and Alex Smith.

Hopefully, if I’m successful, never again will a woman have to go through what Kelly Chesler and others have been subjected to. If I’m successful, county prosecutors across New Jersey will fear that a person like myself will pop-up and expose them for their despicable, misogynistic transactional politics.

Needless to say, county prosecutors with integrity are the best defense against corruption in New Jersey after the U.S. Department of Justice. Changing the culture will promote equality and integrity, while simultaneously protecting conscientious government employees and taxpayers.

Lastly, the picture for this article offers some meaning.

Once upon a time, Suarez smirked at me as I called out JCPD corruption during a Westside community meeting. Not sure if Zacche getting picked up by the feds has wiped the smirk off the prosecutor’s face yet, but I can assure readers that Stoma hasn’t smirked in my presence since the disgraced ex-chief was convicted.

As for the picture in the middle, that was taken at the beginning of this journey when I ran for Congress. Like I previously mentioned, Real Jersey City hasn’t been too good for my health, but I’ve decided to use Chapter 3 as an inspiration to diet and exercise well – which I started last week at 215 pounds.

The kid with the stupid smirk on his face in that picture weighed about 175 pounds. It’s my personal goal that by General Election Day 2018 I get back down to that weight and fit into my old suits – so I can leave Hudson County politics the same way I came into it, figuratively speaking.

In the meantime, I’ll be doing a fundraising drive soon to build up resources so I can focus exclusively on Real Jersey City for the next few months. Also, I hope to find some advertisers for election season – preferably not involved with Jersey City Board of Education politics (but I’ll take what I can get).

Now back to reporting the news, because I’ve been a mix of lazy and busy these past few weeks – on top of scared I might lose this battle against the core of corruption in Hudson County.

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