EDITORIAL: Vote Brian Stack for Hudson County Democratic Organization chairperson

For Real Jersey City publisher Michael Shurin, the easy pick for Hudson County Democratic Organization chairperson is Union City Mayor/state Senator Brian Stack.

Union City Mayor/state Senator Brian Stack and Jersey City BOE trustee Amy DeGise.

When it comes to this final chapter of Real Jersey City, Union City Mayor/state Senator Brian Stack (D-33) becoming chairperson of the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) would be a positive turn of events.

That said, let me state that Jersey City Board of Education (JCBOE) trustee Amy DeGise is certainly a worthy candidate in her own right. She has an ideal resume, is politically astute and can articulate modern Democratic talking points.

Me picking Stack has nothing to do with her credentials, although, for what it’s worth, DeGise was far more impressive than inspiring during our 45-minute interview. Being that I’m neither impressive or inspiring, I’m grateful Amy went on the record with me – maybe other candidates/public officials will help me sharpen my skills? WATCH FULL VIDEO BELOW:

If DeGise had agreed to turn over the power of primary endorsements to a vote by elected committee people, by district, I would offer a sincere endorsement of her candidacy. If DeGise had committed to bringing the #MeToo movement to the HCDO, instead of deflecting such issues to voters, I would offer a sincere endorsement of her candidacy.

She did neither of those things.

I can’t blame DeGise for deflecting to the voters of Bayonne when asked about the sexting controversy that embroiled Mayor Jimmy Davis. That said, it’s one thing for the chairperson to not be a male, it’s another to think HCDO culture – some real ugly stories – will change by hoping to god.

Speaking of the #MeToo movement and deflecting to voters, who exactly should Lt. Kelly Chesler campaign to about Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office (HCPO) First Deputy Assistant Prosecutor Peter Stoma? There’s no where to go for her, but a “misogynistic thug” like Stack becoming HCDO chair helps me paint a picture of the real ugly HCDO culture.

Unfortunately, Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise’s administration also helps me paint a real ugly picture of HCDO culture.

That said, Amy DeGise is ultimately her own person. She shouldn’t be held responsible for the awfulness of others, things Stoma should’ve been investigating – not taxpayer-funded civil investigations. Just like Stoma and Stack should be held responsible for anything that may have occurred in the past or present involving Union City.

The screenshot below, and me not being able to hold Amy DeGise responsible for issues involving Stoma, is why committee people need to pick Stack for HCDO chairperson.

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In defense of Stack, he’s actually done an amazing job making Union City the great city it is today. Real talk, Stack is for the people of Union City. Even if he’s corrupt, his corruption benefits the people of Union City. If he were to take over Hudson County, I’m sure the quality and quantity of government services at the county level would increase tremendously.

Also, I don’t care where the location of the HCDO election is held. Rules are rules, I’m sure if Stack’s people win they’ll be more than happy to play dirty games in the future.

Furthermore, it’s disrespectful for Stack to refer to DeGise as the “daughter,” but, in a way, it is what it is. Stack might be a sexist, but no one in their right mind thinks Amy will consider anyone besides her father for county executive.

Unless Amy DeGise opens up HCDO primary endorsements to a vote by committee people, like they do in other counties, the “old boy network” is guaranteed to win every time. Her candidacy is an extension of her father’s administration, and I wouldn’t be sad to see that come to an end.

Finally, for me, it doesn’t matter who wins, because my agenda is about justice. As Councilman Richard Boggiano would say, this is politics.

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