Fulop operatives hire Kushner Companies’ law firm for complaint against Hudson Democrats

Mayor Fulop is publicly sparring with Charles Kushner, yet committee people working for his administration are utilizing the same law firm representing Kushner’s development interests in Journal Square to file suit against the HCDO.

Jeffrey Dublin and Stephanie Daniels used Genova Burns to file suit against the Hudson County Democratic Organization.

This would be a non-story, perhaps, if there were a shortage of law firms in New Jersey that Fulop Administration officials could hire to file a complaint against the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO).

To the best of my knowledge, and I’m certainly not a legal scholar, there’s no shortage of law firms that could’ve been employed. Additionally, I don’t care about the substance of the plaintiffs lawsuit and I will not analyze its merits. If you’re interested in learning about the complaint filed by Genova Burns, which seems like standard pre-election politics, click here.

While Genova Burns might have the best attorneys in New Jersey, committee people Stephanie Daniels and Jeffrey Dublin utilizing the law firm highlights the fraudulent nature of resistance in Jersey City. Specifically, both committee members are city officials and Genova Burns represents Kushner Companies’ internationally recognized development proposal known as One Journal Square.

Daniels is the creative director of JCTV, while Dublin serves as an assistant director in the city’s DPW. Dublin’s wife, Sonia, who also serves as a committeewoman, is the DPW’s sanitation manager. All were placed in their respective positions by Mayor Fulop.

Kushner Companies is the development group which Jared Kushner, a White House Senior Advisor and son-in-law of Pres. Trump, has a financial interest. Kushner Companies should not be confused with KRE (Kushner Realty Group), the “progressive” relatives of Jared and his father, Charles Kushner.

Charles, the founder of Kushner Companies, is battling the Fulop Administration over subsidies for his company’s proposed One Journal Square project. In a recent interview with The Real Deal, the developer labeled Fulop “just another New Jersey asshole politician.”

Not that it’s a big story, I do find it interesting Kushner Companies and Fulop Administration officials are both employing the same law firm, especially the latter. Does the lawsuit represent potentially brighter days ahead for Fulop and Kushner? Or is this strictly about electing Union City Mayor/state Senator Brian Stack, an ally of Fulop, HCDO chairperson?

Either way, Real Jersey City encourages HCDO committee people to vote Brian Stack for chairperson.

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