Hudson Prosecutor promotes investigator who exonerated corrupt ex-JCPD chief

For Matthew Gasiorowski, an internal affairs supervisor in the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, partaking in corruption helped earn him a promotion to captain in the non-civil service agency.

Matthew Gasiorowski was promoted to captain on March 25, 2019.

“I know how very seriously each one of you takes this responsibility, and how committed you are to the office,” Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez said to the five members of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office (HCPO) participating in a promotional ceremony in Hudson County Assignment Judge Peter Bariso’s courtroom.

“All I ask you is that you continue, with that commitment, and you continue with that dedication, and that level of work that you’ve brought every single day. Just continue with it.”

Among the five promoted by Suarez — the HCPO is a non-civil service agency — was Matthew Gasiorowski, who is now a captain. Most Real Jersey City followers might remember Gasiorowski as the lead investigator for the HCPO’s inquiry into ex-Jersey City Police Department (JCPD) Chief Philip Zacche’s no-show, off-duty security job in the Jersey City Housing Authority (JCHA).

Though Gasiorowski’s investigation exonerated Zacche, the corrupt police chief was ultimately convicted by federal authorities for the same exact crime. As I previously noted, a source claimed Gasiorowski was telling law enforcement colleagues he was intent on investigating Zacche, but that Suarez and First Deputy Assistant Prosecutor Peter Stoma stonewalled him.

That said, I also noted at the time that I would “start believing that when I see a CEPA lawsuit or something equivalent.” According to separate HCPO sources, I was right to be skeptical Gasiorowski was intent on conducting a real investigation, and that he was really promoted for his “commitment” to Suarez (and her politics).

Also of note, Gasiorowski was involved in the investigation of two JCPD officers that were charged with Terroristic Threats, Disorderly Conduct, and Harassment for a confrontation with a Domino’s Pizza manager that was caught on tape and went viral. The charges against the officers involved were ultimately dismissed in Kearny Municipal Court.

Adding irony to the situation, according to a document obtained by Real Jersey City, Gasiorowski’s promotion includes a move from Internal Affairs (IA) to Public Integrity – which will oversee IA (including Hudson County Corrections on-loan personnel), Special Investigations, and Insurance Fraud Units.

In his new position, Gasiorowski would oversee investigations into not only law enforcement officers, but politicians, public figures and white-collar criminals, too.

In conclusion, Suarez ended her speech by telling those promoted to “keep on keeping on.” It’s safe to say corrupt cops and public officials throughout Hudson County will be more than happy for Gasiorowski to “keep on keeping on” with how he’s been doing his job.

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  • Jose A Salamanca

    Wow, this Hudson County has really gone off the cliffs with corruption within every department, law and non law. What’s next cover murders to stay loyal to the corruption, Mafia material if you ask me.

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