It wasn’t about Al Sullivan’s Poetry. It’s about Liberal White Supremacy and Awful Journalism.

The outrage I sparked over Al Sullivan’s poems had nothing to do with his poetry. It was about his awful journalism for The Hudson Reporter and sparking a discussion about a taboo issue – Liberal White Supremacy.

Ex-JCPD Chief Philip Zacche (left and right), Al Sullivan (center)

Yes, I’ve been procrastinating to explain why I’m the most bitter Kansas City Chiefs fan in America. Fortunately, for those interested in my work, Al Sullivan’s poetry and “some good folks” in Charlottesville – as President Trump would describe “some” – can be terribly inspiring.

Before I publish that — plus 2017 endorsements and insider information — I need to address the controversy I started for The Hudson Reporter, define Liberal White Supremacy, and talk a little about myself.

First, aside from snarky commentary on social media, I’ve moved on from Jersey City and politics in general. To make a long story short, almost everything about the two hasn’t worked out for me the past few years. The smart decision, at this point of my life, is to keep it moving rather than keep it real.

Nevertheless, I’m seeking closure and I need to keep it real to achieve that. The only temptation, which I’ll try to resist, is to expose meaningless people like Sullivan in the process.

Second, and I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but I really don’t care about Sullivan, his political views and/or awful poetry. If anything, he owes me a free book for all the publicity I’ve given him since he denied the controversial claim that the Civil War was about slavery.

It’s also funny that one of Sullivan’s online cheerleaders – as he spreads revisionist history and tarnishes the legacy of Abraham Lincoln – is none other than ex-Jersey City Public Safety spokesperson Carly Baldwin. For anyone that forgot, Baldwin was fired from the Fulop Administration for “giving out misinformation.”

Those are all minor details compared to the much bigger problem that I do care about – The Hudson Reporter and Liberal White Supremacy.

Even if Assemblywoman Angela McKnight (D-31) – contrary to public comments made by members of her own staff – believes Sullivan is “on the side of racial and social justice,” his factually-challenged reporting for The Hudson Reporter is much more concerning.

I could cite a lot of pathetic examples, but a rather blatant one, if not highly ironic, was his recent article covering the 2017 Jersey City Board of Education (JCBOE) election:

In a race that promises to be hotly contested, nine people have filed to run in the November election for four Board of Education seats. Three incumbents will defend their seats, while a fourth seat is also up because Board President Joel Torres is seeking a seat as a freeholder instead.

Later in the report Sullivan stated that Mussab Ali was “seeking to fill the one-year unexpired term of Torres.”

The major problem with that reporting? Ali, and David Miranda, but not Demetrius Terry, will be seeking to fill the one-year unexpired term of ex-JCBOE VP John Reichart. For those that forgot, Reichart resigned following the 2016 election after dealing with some controversy.

That controversy? Posting a picture on Facebook equating Colin Kaepernick to the Chelsea Bomber.

I’m not saying Sullivan and The Hudson Reporter consciously misreport basic facts. I’m saying, more often than not, they basically can’t get the facts right. Adding to all the irony, this isn’t the first time I’m mentioning a story they got wrong about Reichart.

Speaking of 2016, I wonder if Hudson County View would refer to Reichart as disgraced? Because it feels a little more than suspect that, for all of the disgraces in Hudson County politics (McGreevey, Chico, etc.), Muhammed Akil was the only person labeled a disgrace (numerous times) on the anonymously-funded website until a week ago. The other is now David Wildstein of Bridgegate infamy.

Either way, for those who’ve followed me throughout the years, and understand what Real Jersey City was about, the controversy I created surrounding Sullivan was never about him. It was about challenging an institution – The Hudson Reporter – controlled by special interests that make up the power structure of Liberal White Supremacy.

For those that don’t know, The Hudson Reporter is a free, weekly community newspaper. If I had to guess – older, less-affluent populations value it more than newer, wealthier populations as a source of information. That’s why Mayor Steven Fulop, CarePoint and developers value Sullivan’s softball reporting – it helps them execute their agendas without scrutiny from a major voting bloc.

Simply put, Jersey City needs journalists that hold political, health and housing leaders accountable. With The Hudson Reporter relegated to cheerleader status, The Jersey Journal offers the only hope of consequential local reporting… Unless Bloomberg, The Washington Post, or New York Times is reporting on Jared Kushner.

Sadly, despite some quality reporting, The Jersey Journal is definitely guilty of misreporting stories to protect white supremacy – specifically their coverage of the Jersey City Police Department’s (JCPD) Motorcycle Squad. That will be thoroughly detailed in a future piece, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

As for my definition of Liberal White Supremacy? Essentially it’s when white liberals deny, disregard or defend blatant racism – that they would otherwise speak out about – because it perpetuates their own privilege and/or benefits them financially or politically. A prime example of that in Jersey City – and I’ll explain this in a future piece about development – is the acceleration of gentrification/inequality via the implementation of restrictive zoning regulations (like historic preservation).

Those last two paragraphs are merely a preview of the Real Jersey City finale. Before that, and I’ll try to avoid temptation, I need to expose The Hudson Reporter, Sullivan and Liberal White Supremacy one more time in this piece.

Below is a snippet from a Sullivan article in The Hudson Reporter, with a quote from former JCPD Chief Philip Zacche, regarding a proposed new police station site at the Marion Gardens Public Housing Complex:

Many cities, like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles have police units that patrol public housing. But the new headquarters will be the first such facility in the state and possibly in the nation to be located in a federal housing project.

“I haven’t been in this building in more than 25 years,” [then-JCPD Chief Philip] Zacche said, as he looked over the two-story brick building city officials hope to convert over the next few months at the cost of about $1 million.

That quote from Zacche, stating he hadn’t been in the building in more than 25 years, led to an anonymous tip. That tip led to a Real Jersey City investigation which revealed then-Deputy Chief Zacche, prior to becoming chief, was being paid for a potential no-show, off-duty security job in Marion Gardens.

That Real Jersey City investigation led the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office (HCPO) to open their own investigation, which has since been completed and resulted in no criminal charges. I can only wonder how many JCPD officers and Marion Gardens residents they interviewed, because I never met one that believed Zacche ever worked a 12-hour overnight shift on the weekend.

***Click here for Zacche’s Marion Garden Off-Duty Timesheets.***

All of that leaves me with a few questions for The Hudson Reporter:

1. Did Sullivan misquote Zacche?

2. If yes, will there be any repercussions for his terrible reporting? If no, will The Hudson Reporter do a follow-up article and ask Lt. Matthew Gasiorowski of the HCPO if the pictures below were discovered during his investigation of Zacche?

Ex-Chief Phil Zacche - Working hard or hardly working?

Ex-Chief Philip Zacche – Working hard or hardly working?

If Gasiorowski’s investigation didn’t include these publicly accessible pictures (at least for the moment), which were taken on days Zacche was “working” those off-duty jobs, then his investigation was either a sham or the HCPO is so incompetent they really did need me to work with them.

And those two pictures aren’t even the most questionable thing I discovered about Zacche and the Marion Gardens off-duty job.

Either way, I have to believe Liberal White Supremacist and HCPO Assistant Prosecutor Peter Stoma – known for covering-up corruption for his white friends leading the Jersey City Police Superior Officers Association – probably took care of Zacche like he did those JCPD cops eventually busted by the FBI.

As for Prosecutor Esther Suarez, the ultimate tool of Liberal White Supremacy in Hudson County, lets just say I really hope she isn’t playing politics with the Miguel Feliz case.

Stay tuned, folks, because the exposing of corruption and discussion about Liberal White Supremacy has just started. Feel free to hate in the comment section!

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  • I hope you don’t give up on exposing corruption in Jersey City. This is a serious matter that needs broader public awareness. Law enforcement officials are entrusted with extraordinary power. The assumption is that thee individuals will use this power to protect the citizens of the community they serve. In Jersey City this power is placed too often in the hands of officials devoid of moral character. There slogan taut Professionalism, Courtesy and Respect but they have no respect for the citizens they serve.
    A citizen who has lost trust in their police department

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