Jersey City POBA President Carmine Disbrow re-elected in landslide

Jersey City POBA President Carmine Disbrow was re-elected in landslide fashion over challenger Brenda Gonzalez.

PHOTO SOURCE: Hudson County View

PHOTO SOURCE: Hudson County View

Carmine Disbrow defeated challenger Brenda Gonzalez for President of the Jersey City Police Officers Benevolent Association in the union’s election of officers for 2015-2018.

Disbrow, who received 330 votes, was part of a full ticket that included:

1st Vice President: Vincent “Vinny” Disbrow (300 votes)
2nd Vice President: Robert Farley (316 votes)
Treasurer: Brian Miller (321 votes)
Financial Secretary: Alex Rivera (313 votes)
Recording Secretary: Melissa L. Bartholomew (316 votes)
State Delegate: David Calton (317 votes)
Municipal State Delegate: Hector Rivera (317 votes)
Alternate State Delegate: Mark Hennessey (314 votes)
Sergeant At Arms: Ish Cortes (319 votes)
Trustees: Willie Graw (314 votes), Christopher LeFante (312 votes), Lawson D. Browne (313 votes)

Gonzalez, who received 71 votes, ran on a ticket that included only one other person. Her running mate, Brian J. McGovern, received 99 votes running against Vincent “Vinny” Disbrow for 1st Vice President.

A total of 401 members from the Jersey City POBA voted for a union president in the election, down from 499 in 2012.

In the 2012 election Disbrow defeated then-incumbent Gerard DeCicco 286 to 213.

In a statement to Real Jersey City regarding his election victory, Carmine Disbrow said, “I am proud to have the honor to continue serving the men and women of the JCPOBA as their union President.”

“This victory is a credit to the hard work and commitment of my entire slate that have worked so hard, both in uniform and out, to make the JCPD even better!”

Real Jersey City was unable to contact Gonzalez for comment.


  • Of course there going to re-elect him. They could murder someone in front of him and he’ll say he didn’t see a God damn thing. He will defend a Officer weather he is in the right or drop dead wrong.

  • I was humbled to have the confidence of those who voted for me and of those who supported me throughout the election. It just wasn’t meant to be at this time. I have no regrets. I may not agree with everything Mr Carmine Disbrow has done as president thus far, but I wish him only the best of luck as he continues to lead the Union. It is an extremely difficult job to be the head of a police union. Congratulations.

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