Jersey City School District explains hiring complications for some Source4Teachers subs

Hope Blackburn, General Counsel for the Jersey City School District, explained the legal complications with hiring certain Source4Teachers employees.

Following the Jersey City Board of Education’s (JCBOE) short-term funding for Source4Teachers (S4T), concerned residents that have worked for S4T asked the board why they couldn’t be hired back by the district to provide substitute services.

Regarding the issue, Superintendent Dr. Marcia Lyles explained, “if you were a substitute before [S4T] with Jersey City Public Schools (JCPS) we can hire you now.”

“If you were hired once we were working with S4T, there is a specific reason we cannot take you before the end of the year,” added Lyles before asking Jersey City School District General Counsel Hope Blackburn to explain further.

“That reason is that there is a clause in the [S4T contract with JCPS] that requires the district to pay administrative fees to S4T in order to use any of the substitutes who were not on the original list when the contract was entered into two years ago,” said Blackburn.

“While it is not specifically a covenant, it is a fee that the district has to pay per substitute for substitutes who were hired through S4T rather than those who were hired directly.”

Blackburn added that the clause “expires at the end of the school year, which is June 30.”

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