‘Liberal White Privilege’: The Art of Disrespecting a Latina Superior Court Judge

The blatant disrespect shown for Superior Court Judge Mirtha Ospina is a form of Liberal White Privilege provided to white men in Hudson County that are advancing the Democratic Party’s interests.

Thomas Mahoney (top left), James Shea (bottom left), Judge Mirtha Ospina (center), Peter Stoma (right).

I’m not concerned that Jersey City Police Department (JCPD) and Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office (HCPO) officials constantly disrespect me – it comes with the territory and I’m a beneficiary of white privilege.

What makes me upset is when Public Safety Director James Shea’s office blatantly disobeys the orders of an honorable Superior Court Judge, then strategically fails to comply with an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request regarding that order.

Let’s not beat around the bush, Hudson County Superior Court Judge Mirtha Ospina is admired by many people that’ve followed this website and beyond. The corrupt white men that have failed to respect her, at least in my opinion, need to be held accountable.

Liberal White Privilege due to their support of Democratic Party interests is what’s protecting them.

Before discussing Shea and his office, let’s not forget the belligerence of HCPO First Deputy Assistant Prosecutor Peter Stoma, a white man, towards Ospina during the The State of New Jersey vs Joseph Ascolese, Kelly Chesler and Michael O’Neill. Though the video below should be watched in its entirety, Stoma becomes especially unhinged around the 22-minute mark:

Relative to viral videos I’ve viewed of people getting jail time for being out of order towards a judge, and given that Stoma is a top prosecutor, it’s shameful that he has not been admonished. Not only does Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez find that behavior acceptable, she didn’t have a problem when Stoma tweeted comments which vulgarly mocked the jury duty system.

Unfortunately, that’s the type of Liberal White Privilege which is extended to those that serve the Democratic Party’s interests. In the case of Stoma, idiotic tweets and maliciously prosecuting whistleblowers exposing corruption, racism, and sexism – all to protect Mayor Steven Fulop’s political interests – and no one says a word.

In the case of Suarez, the face of the HCPO, it’s the cost of ambition and knowing local newspapers would always ask softball questions about serious issues.

As for Shea, he engineered the JCPD Internal Affairs Unit’s (IAU) fake investigation that fueled Stoma’s bogus 100-count indictment – which Fulop celebrated as the result of a partnership with the HCPO when the charges were announced.

During the trial resulting from that indictment, despite over a month’s time, Shea’s office failed to obey an order from Ospina to produce off-duty records documenting improper payments. VIDEO BELOW:

Specifically, the HCPO called on JCPD Off-Duty Intake Coordinator Thomas Mahoney to testify for the state. During Mahoney’s testimony it was revealed — for the second time in the trial — that there was documentation related to the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s (NJDOT) non-reimbursement of off-duty invoices.

For whatever reason, that documentation wasn’t secured during the HCPO’s investigation of alleged fraud — allegations which lacked any evidence whatsoever and were ultimately unproven in a court of law — related to the Skyway Project. The documentation apparently dealt with the NJDOT’s non-reimbursement for “one job, paid twice” anomalies which may have resulted in many officers knowingly getting double-paid for their work.

Judge Ospina ordered that Mahoney produce the documents. Days after that order, on September 18, 2018, Real Jersey City filed Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request #R002755 requesting the same documents. Though the trial ended on October 23, 2018, more than a month after the order was issued, the documents were apparently never produced.

The amount many officers may have improperly received could have easily exceeded the “de minimis” amounts the defendants were sitting trial for. Below are two examples of “one job, paid twice” anomalies involving Officer Michael Spolizino discovered in an invoice provided by the NJDOT, via OPRA, covering 9-1-15 to 3-31-16.

It’s important to note that Officer Michael O’Neill stood trial for improperly receiving $400, while Lt. Kelly Chesler and retired Capt. Joseph Ascolese weren’t even accused of receiving improper payments – just signing other officers’ timesheets. In the two invoices above, Spolizino was apparently improperly paid $350, but the Fulop Administration declined to comment on the anomaly.

Suarez and Stoma destroyed the lives and reputations of three police officers over petty politics, within a privileged police unit, that should’ve been handled administratively. At the same time, they exonerated a corrupt police chief and protected politically-connected police union officials – all white men and big time supporters of the Democratic Party.

Three months after the OPRA request, the documents still haven’t been produced, and the city Clerk’s Office continues to provide the highly questionable response that it’s “conducting its search and two additional weeks are needed for processing your request.”

When asked to look into the OPRA issue, the HCPO, despite all of the off-duty police corruption that’s occurred in Jersey City, declined. An HCPO official did note that the prosecutor’s office wasn’t “in possession of the documents” I’m seeking (originally ordered by Judge Ospina).

Given that Mahoney was a witness for the HCPO, and the HCPO should’ve secured the requested records as part of a real investigation, it speaks to the integrity and professionalism of the HCPO to not seek those documents. What kind of document search takes more than two weeks when a Hudson County Superior Court Judge orders they be produced during a criminal trial?

As for Liberal White Privilege, imagine if a Republican prosecutor from the south tweeted and spoke that way on camera to a Latina judge? Imagine if the office of a Republican police leader failed to produce documents ordered by said judge during a criminal trial? And, months later, still hasn’t released following a public records request?

I’m sure there would be a lot more outrage, but it’s all good because Shea engineered a gun control questionnaire that has become a national model being used to award public contracts. Also, even Attorney General Gurbir Grewal must agree that Shea knows about good startup law enforcement training groups from Tennessee.

Liberal White Privilege, it’s an art of corruption, and I’ll be using my regular white privilege to fight back against it.


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