Natalia Ioffe talks Jersey City school funding crisis, JCBOE politics

Natalia Ioffe, a parent activist deeply engaged with the systemic issues facing Jersey City Public Schools, sat down with Real JC to talk about the local funding crisis and JCBOE politics.

Natalia Ioffe

Don’t call me Nostradamus, but it’s been about three years since the last time I wrote about Jersey City Board of Education (JCBOE) politics and I’m feeling… 67% vindicated these days. The other 33% is mostly regret that I didn’t endorse Natalia Ioffe for JCBOE.

Unfortunately, I can’t turn back the hands of time. In the same breath, a Real Jersey City endorsement probably wasn’t going to be the difference between winning and losing (Ioffe was endorsed by The Jersey Journal in 2018 and was unsuccessful then, too).

To add some context, her lack of electoral success isn’t surprising when you consider the staggering amounts spent by special interest groups during a JCBOE election. If anything, it’s inspiring that independent candidates like Ioffe still take on the Herculean Task knowing the odds of winning are long.

Despite not winning a seat on the JCBOE, Ioffe’s commitment to addressing the biggest challenges facing Jersey City Public Schools (JCPS) is the type of stellar parent activism which makes the biggest difference for teachers & students. In a sit-down interview with Real Jersey City, the mother of two public school students (attending PS 16 and Infinity Institute) talked about the systemic issues facing JCPS and JCBOE politics.

The topics discussed include the school funding crisis, parent activism & inequity amongst different schools, and Ioffe’s thoughts on the 2019 JCBOE race – including her endorsement of independent candidate Tara Stafford and the Education Matters ticket (except JCBOE Pres. Sudhan Thomas, who is currently under FBI investigation). WATCH THE INTERVIEW BELOW:

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