No, I have nothing to do with the FBI’s Jersey City Police Investigation

You may have heard the Jersey City Police Department’s off-duty jobs program is under FBI investigation. Unfortunately, for fans of Real Jersey City, they won’t be looking into my work.


New Jersey State Troopers working Jersey City Off-Duty Jobs because the JCPD leadership is corrupt.

Many people have reached out, whether by phone or electronic message, to applaud me for getting the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to look into the Jersey City Police Department’s (JCPD) off-duty jobs program. Some of them I’ve never met, some as recently as this week.

The main problem is that the FBI investigation has nothing to do with my work (which has slightly more to do with a corrupt, politicized justice system than fraud involving off-duty jobs). While unintentional, all those “congratulations” and “great job” messages feel like a cruel punch to the gut (understatement).

The FBI investigation, in brief, stems from cops assigned to managing off-duty jobs treating it like their own personal business – not a municipal government program – among other criminal activities. One former JCPD cop, Juan Romaniello, has already pled guilty.

My off-duty investigations dealt mostly with superior officers from the police union stealing from the businesses legally paying in to the system. If you haven’t seen any of my surveillance work, watch the video below of Lt. Terrence Crowley, brother of officer Tim Crowley (who was known to have a close personal relationship with Romaniello):

I have a much longer write-up on the situation, the draft is currently titled “The Most Bitter Kansas City Chiefs Fan in America” (which is subject to change), but I’ll wait until some arrests are made. In the meantime, if you wish, feel free to read my thoughts on the FBI’s investigation and Mayor Fulop dropping out of the gubernatorial race.

For those wondering when the FBI will make a move, I’m guessing arrests should happen before the end of the month. That’s based off of a report from NBC New York’s Jonathan Dienst and Romaniello’s sentencing date being set for January 10, 2017 according to the initial press release from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

Unlike the majority of people, the real question for me isn’t how many officers will be indicted by the DOJ, but how many will have their cases referred to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office (HCPO).

Which is why this whole situation feels like a cruel punch to the gut.

It was another sickening reminder that my work was swept underneath the rug by Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez and First Deputy Assistant Prosecutor Peter Stoma. More to come about Stoma sweeping things under the rug for a certain Denver Broncos fan and the JCPD’s highest ranking Oakland Raiders fan.

Honestly, and I know people have joked that I’ve retired this website more times than Brett Favre, Michael Jordan and Jay-Z combined, but I’m really done once these arrests go down (I’M SERIOUS THIS TIME!!!). What’s the point of doing quality, altruistic journalism if it leads to cover-ups and financial hardship?

I’ve realized “award winning journalism” is more often than not the result of serving the powerful, not the “watchdog journalism” the public was lectured about when Gov. Christie and the Democratic leadership were trying to reform public notice requirements.

The Jersey Journal publishes misinformation routinely. News 12 New Jersey’s Walt Kane didn’t catch any JCPD officers doing anything illegal on camera. Yet somehow their reports lead to indictments and administrative actions. I catch people on camera, obtain legitimate documentation and nothing happens.

All that said, I’ve met some real great people over the past year who’ve helped me while I was struggling on many different levels. I know most of them are reading this and I can’t thank them enough (including The General, who doesn’t know that’s his nickname and probably hates me because I wouldn’t sacrifice the integrity of this website).

If anyone who’s a fan of my published work thinks they can help me find a stable job, something non-political, please contact me. Apparently all of my controversial, anti-establishment work isn’t what employers are looking for. A friend of mine recently berated me to “suck up my pride” and ask people I know, who better to ask than the people who’ve read this website?

Finally, to all the non-corrupt JCPD cops, how much does it suck knowing the state troopers are getting paid overtime working your jobs? Apparently not speaking up about the criminal behavior of your fellow officers, unless you’re snitching to save yourself, isn’t what employers paying into the off-duty jobs program are looking for. Even though neither of us are getting around $88/hour any time soon, I sympathize with Jersey City’s finest who need the money (especially since the firefighters union screwed you).



  • Don’t shut the site down just because “you get convictions”. This is not about you. This is about Jersey City as the tilte states. And MANY people in and out of state, I’m in TEXAS!, read this to know what’s going on. We knew of the corruption before, but as you stated the “majors” never report this kind of stuff because they want to keep favor with the administrators. It’s only AFTER the arrests and pleadings that we ever heard of this kind of stuff. The failure of gov’t to respond to OPRA requests is very telling. They say you have a right to look, but in practice they move the goal post. Without you reporting this kind of stuff the citizenry has no idea how the practice truly works. Without the various videos of the happenings in and around JC I have no idea what is happening.

    So, this site keeps me informed and just as fired to know that you have been the voice of the people and honestly report the shennanigans of the JC political machine.

    I have yet to see the new station, which is built on my grandparents old house, 82 Clinton Avenue. It’s been a while since I’ve been up to the North. Can you go up and do a review of the funds spent on that project, please?

    • Sorry for late response. I appreciate the comment, but it’s not about “convictions,” it’s about lack of support and me needing to move on with my life.

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