Original misinformation on two Stegman St. shootings on 5-27-15 raise questions

After concerned residents and law enforcement sources reached out to Real Jersey City, initial misinformation provided by Jersey City Public Safety Spokesperson Carly Baldwin regarding shootings on May 27, 2015, originally published by the Jersey Journal, raise a serious question.

Carly Baldwin - Stegman St.

Carly Baldwin (LinkedIn) – Stegman St. (Real Jersey City)


According to Hudson County Assistant Prosecutor Gene Rubino there were three shootings on May 27, 2015 – all resulting in victims. According to information from Jersey City Public Safety Spokesperson Carly Baldwin originally published in the Jersey Journal, there was only one person that was injured in shootings that day.

Rubino, in an email to Real Jersey City on May 30, stated the first shooting on May 27 resulted in an 18-year-old shot in his lower extremity on Stegman St. and MLK Drive around 12:40 PM. The second shooting was on Sackett Street between Atlantic Street and Bramhall Avenue, resulting in the death of bystander Larry Darnell Freeman, age 50, around 2:40 PM. The third shooting was on MLK Drive between Stegman St. and Dwight St, in which a 45-year-old female was found shot to her back area after authorities were dispatched to the scene around 3:15 PM.

A law enforcement source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, first alerted Real Jersey City to the original misinformation published by the Jersey Journal. The source said it was “highly questionable” that Baldwin would state that no person was injured in the second shooting when authorities at the scene were assisting the victim – in addition to not providing information about the shooting earlier in the day at that location.

Of note, the Hudson Reporter published an article on June 2 stating the 18-year-old was shot after the Sackett Street shooting. That article, as well as an article published on the same day by the Jersey Journal, but re-published on June 3, state that authorities were investigating whether there is a connection between the three shootings.

Emails and phone calls from May 31 and June 1 seeking comment on this story from the reporter who published the original Jersey Journal story were not returned.

Baldwin did not respond to an email asking why she originally provided false information regarding shootings from May 27.

Other sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, were highly skeptical that Baldwin’s misinformation was accidental. Instead, sources believe it was intentional on behalf of the Fulop Administration to keep stories about crime within the city low for political reasons.

Of note, Baldwin has declined to respond to numerous emails regarding information on shootings and crimes in Jersey City that have gone completely unreported since Memorial Day Weekend 2015, including multiple arsons.

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