Real Jersey City Resurgence: Breaking the silence…

Real Jersey City publisher Michael Shurin is back – for an unknown amount of time – to report stories culminating from months-long investigations into corruption stemming from the Fulop Administration’s public safety politics.

(NOTE: For those who’ve been following, you now know what I was talking about when I wrote before I break my silence.)

Consider this an introduction to Real Jersey City Resurgence – a series of stories which are the culmination of months of research and investigation.

This is not the relaunch of Real Jersey City, which is still dead as a daily source of information due to lack of funding.

This is about me exposing corruption on behalf of the families that have to fight for justice, on behalf of those facing political persecution, and on behalf of the innocent victims living in the crossfire of America’s War on Drugs in Jersey City.

Unfortunately, before all the corruption is reported on, I’m going to have to talk a little about me.

(NOTE: I’m hoping these stories help me land a non-government job/career opportunity – if not funding back for Real Jersey City. You got to get noticed somehow in this world, right? It feels like it’s now or never for me, and I’m not going quietly into the night.)

First, I’d like to thank Eric Berry and The Kansas City Chiefs for an inspiring season. If Berry can come back from cancer to be the best safety in the NFL, and if the Chiefs can come back from 1-5 to essentially win their first playoff game in my lifetime, I can come back from something embarrassingly petty in comparison.

(RANDOM NOTE: Special shout out to the Lincoln High School football team for being a source of inspiration for many in Jersey City. A mere seven seconds from immortality this past season, I have a feeling they will come back stronger than ever to “win the day” for the city next year.)

As everyone that intensely follows Real Jersey City knows, the financial backer of this project, real estate investor Steve Hyman, pulled out in late June 2015. I was legitimately hurt by the way it went down, but at this moment I can honestly say I’m better off for it – those featured in Real Jersey City Resurgence not so much.

Losing my funding was tough at the time, not only because it put me in a dire financial situation, but because I personally invested so much of myself into Jersey City. I was truly devastated that I lost the financial resources necessary to bring proper attention to the many aspects of government and life within the city that need exposure.

On top of that, when I heard that certain people were celebrating my self-reported demise and saying Hyman pulled out because I was a heroin addict, well, it was a painful kick to the stomach at the time (one I haven’t forgotten). I’m guessing Councilwoman Candice Osborne wouldn’t cry for me if she heard it, and maybe I didn’t cry either at the time, but it’s tough for me to overlook the type of stupidity and phoniness that commentary ultimately symbolizes.

The real reason Hyman pulled out was because I was “doing nothing” for him. The problem was his cause was not my cause, and vice versa, and I wasn’t comfortable using this website to push his agenda. Not that I wouldn’t have helped push his agenda at the time, which would actually be beneficial to the overwhelming majority of Jersey City residents, but that it would undermine the brand for me to do it through Real Jersey City.

Since Hyman pulled out, I’ve found myself in some rather forgettable and regrettable employment situations. In the beginning I lost all my desire to do journalism, yet as I was grinding away doing other work, I realized that I had to give this one more shot.

Eventually an opportunity, better yet an idea, came up while looking at the event announcements on the Jersey City Police Superior Officers Association (JCPSOA) website. For fun, let’s say it all started because I wanted to find JCPSOA 1st Vice Pres. Vincent Corso:

U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D) - NJ PBA Pres. Pat Colligan - JCPSOA Pres. Robert Kearns - James Carroll (PSOA) - (Where is JCPSOA 1st VP Corso?)

U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D) – NJ PBA Pres. Pat Colligan – JCPSOA Pres. Robert Kearns – James Carroll (JCPSOA) – (Where is JCPSOA 1st VP Corso?)

JCPSOA Pres. Robert Kearns  - Mayor Steven Fulop - James Carroll (PSOA) - (Where is JCPSOA 1st VP Corso?)

JCPSOA Pres. Robert Kearns – Mayor Steven Fulop – James Carroll (PSOA) – (Where is JCPSOA 1st VP Corso?)

JCPSOA 1st VP Vincent Corso

There’s JCPSOA 1st VP Vincent Corso

Classic pic of JCPSOA 1st VP Corso with bottle.

Classic pic of JCPSOA 1st VP Corso with bottle.

UPDATE: The Jersey Journal requested I remove a picture of theirs which appeared to show Mayor Steven Fulop with JCPSOA Pres. Kearns and 1st VP Corso. The picture, as well other shots of Corso from a Hudson County Democratic Organization event can be found here.

Anyhow, the ultimate cost for my investigations would be time, effort, and silence (as well as the “reverse-Stoma diet” courtesy Dunkin’ Donuts at different times of the night).

To the people who say Real Jersey City is about an anti-cop agenda, they’re simply wrong. This is about taking on political corruption which the majority of cops despise, whether they’ll say it openly or not. Political corruption that diverts focus away from the only thing Jersey City and Hudson County law enforcement should be thinking about – solving major crimes.

As well, as stated before, this is about the families that have to fight for justice so they don’t end up with the pain of always wondering like Carrie Walters. This is about Donisha Carswell having to host a march and protest so the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office (HCPO) would take notice of her son’s murder. This is about Jermaine Woodward having to make noise at a public safety meeting for action to be taken following the tragic death of his young son.

Speaking of Woodward, for Fulop to go after him harshly for his anti-semitic statements during the meeting (which were borne out of mostly frustration and some ignorance, not malicious hate), he sure was cowardly not saying anything to Chester Rothman – whom he personally referred to as “Chet” – when he suggested “these people” involved with violent crime were being taught at home to kill each other as kids, unlike his Jewish upbringing.

Just a thought – Rothman serves on Fulop’s Public Safety Advisory Board along with Jersey City NAACP Pres. William C. Braker. According to NJ ACLU Exec. Director Udi Ofer, who is also on the board, speaking at a May 26th, 2015 event hosted by the Jersey City NAACP, monthly board meetings were being cancelled, and the board has “accomplished very little, if anything.”

Can Fulop explain what exactly this public safety advisory board has accomplished? Or is it all about politics for his gubernatorial run?

Even better question, will Fulop be able to respond to any stories stemming from Real Jersey City Resurgence?

Stay tuned, I think this is going to be very big.

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