‘Real Man of Genius’: Municipal ordinances are goals, says Director James Shea

Director James Shea certainly raised an eyebrow when he testified to a jury that municipal ordinances are goals, especially the ordinance governing the JCPD’s off-duty jobs program.

Real Man of Genius – Public Safety Director James Shea

Though the Fulop Administration and Public Safety Director James Shea ultimately prevailed in the civil trial of David Goldrich vs. City of Jersey City, Shea certainly raised an eyebrow when he testified to a jury that municipal ordinances are goals.

Specifically, under direct examination from provisional-Deputy Chief David Goldrich’s attorney, Mark Frost, Jersey City’s top public safety official said that he believed city ordinances – especially the Jersey City Police Department’s (JCPD) off-duty jobs program – were goals and policies to reach the goals, but not really law.

It was a shocking moment in U.S. District Judge Susan Wigenton’s courtroom, even if it was somewhat unrelated to the heart of the case. That’s why the questionable nature of Shea’s statement needs to be singled out and highlighted. The director pointed to the “whereas section” of the off-duty ordinance to bolster his claim about goals, and said that city council approval was about democratic support.

It was absurdity bordering on… perjury? I say that because it’s hard to believe that Shea, with his extensive background in law enforcement, wasn’t aware that municipal ordinances are laws – something former Business Administrator Robert Kakoleski later explained to the jury.

Now, to the followers of Real Jersey City, I apologize for taking so long to publish my story covering the Goldrich Trial. Unfortunately, I don’t make money publishing this website (though donations are accepted), and sometimes I get caught up with other work that disrupts the flow of information coming from this website.

That said, I assure that it will be a great piece with more behind-the-scenes action than courtroom reporting.

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  • That’s what you get for a part time job at $200,200 + NYPD Pension $125,915 = $326,115. Not including his side hustle!

    No reason for a municipal Public Safety Director to get paid more than the FBI/CIA Director. NYPD Police Chief gets $226,336. JC Police Chief gets $13,000 less for a fraction of the population and land area.

    JCPD using WOTS app phones owned and developed by Candice Osborne. Wonder how much kickback Shea is getting.

    Have you seen the recent raises for FuloShit (fulop) staff? They’re getting 5%, 10%, 11%, 14%, and 24% increases! Meanwhile JCPD/JCFD only get 1-2% max!

    $110k for Fulops scheduler! Yet it takes JCPD over 11 years to make base pay of $94k.

  • ONLY Staff, that came in with the administration get any raises / Merit raises. All the long term civilian employees that work in the City have stagnate pay.

    The administration has gone as far as hiring a law firm, with tax payers money, to negotiate the civilian contract and as of this date NO CONTRACT DATES ARE GIVEN. The civilians are working without a negotiated contract thus stagnate pay. You still have civilians working a second job just to make ends meet.

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