#SheCallsBS: Public safety board member resigns, cites JCPD scandals + Kelly/McGill hiring process

Dana Patton expressed her frustrations as a member of the Jersey City Public Safety Citizen Advisory Board in an email announcing her resignation. Will other board members follow her lead?

JCPD Chief Michael Kelly – Dana Patton – JCFD Chief Steven McGill

In an email announcing her resignation from the Jersey City Public Safety Citizen Advisory Board (JCPSCAB), Dana Patton, a board member since 2016, cited scandals rocking the Jersey City Police Department (JCPD) and the board’s lack of involvement in various Fulop Administration decisions and initiatives.

“I’ve been on the board since 2016, and do not feel it is fulfilling the stated purpose of making programmatic, legislative, and training recommendations that are taken seriously, not for lack of trying on the part of regular attendees,” wrote Patton in an email.

“During my tenure a fire chief and police chief were selected and the board had zero involvement in the process. There has been one scandal after another in the police department yet in the past six months I believe the board has only met twice.”

The two chiefs selected by Mayor Steven Fulop are Jersey City Fire Department (JCFD) Chief Steven McGill and JCPD Chief Michael Kelly. Real Jersey City is currently working on an investigation related to the actions of Fulop and Public Safety Director James Shea that ultimately led to McGill becoming the fire chief.

Furthermore, Patton stated that “a community policing program is being developed with seemingly no partnership with the community.”

On top of complaints regarding how much the Fulop Administration valued the JCPSCAB and its members, Patton noted that “board seats are still held for people who never attend meetings.”

It’s unclear which board members Patton was referencing, though, she did offer her support to board member Pedro Figueroa and the “ladies” of the board moving forward. Female JCPSCAB members include Janine Brown, Asheenia Johnson, Pamela Johnson and Ward A Councilwoman Denise Ridley.

Patton concluded the email by saying “I feel the work that the ladies and Pedro [Figueroa] do in our personal lives outside the board is more effective and meaningful.”

Jersey City spokesperson Kimberly Scalcione did not respond to an email seeking comment on Patton’s resignation. It’s considered official Fulop Administration policy to ignore this journalist, though, that apparently didn’t work out for ex-JCPD Chief Philip Zacche.

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