‘Straight cash, Homey’: Fulops buy $820,000 property in Jaclyn’s hometown of Narragansett, RI

Two months after winning reelection, Jersey City’s first family purchased an $820,000 property in Narragansett, Rhode Island – the hometown of Jaclyn Fulop.

Jaclyn and Steven Fulop’s home in Narragansett, Rhode Island

If it’s true that “home is where the heart is,” then it should be of little surprise that Jaclyn and Steven Fulop purchased property in Narragansett, Rhode Island – the hometown of Jersey City’s first lady.

According to aThe Narragansett Times, Jaclyn Fulop – the founder/clinic director of Exchange Place Therapy Group – is not only a “native,” but also a “resident” of Narragansett.

Given that the Fulops live and work in Jersey City, the term “resident” might be a stretch, but online property records and real estate listings confirm that the city’s first family purchased a home in one of Rhode Island’s wealthiest towns.

Public records reveal that on January 22, 2018, a little more than two months after the mayor’s landslide reelection, the Fulops purchased 46 Pilgrim Avenue for $820,000. Additionally, no mortgage records exist for the property, apparently indicating that the home was acquired in a cash deal.

“Oceanfront Cottage in Point Judith, needs work throughout, however unlimited potential, panoramic views Point Judith east to Beavertail, great site for new home or fixer upper,” is how the listing was marketed on Zillow.com.

Furthermore, according to Zillow, the property was originally listed for sale on August 2, 2016, for $995,000. After being on the market for one year, the price was dropped to $929,000 on August 1, 2017.

This is the second known real estate purchase for the Fulops. On August 13, 2015, Steven Fulop & Jaclyn Thompson, prior to being married, closed on 360 Ogden Avenue for $845,000. Jersey City tax records indicate they took out a mortgage on the property.

Following the city’s property revaluation, the Fulops’ tax bill went from $8,112 to $14,413, per The Jersey Journal. Property taxes on the Narragansett home were $8,136 in 2017, according to Trulia.com.

Real Jersey City did not seek comment from Jaclyn or Steven Fulop for this story. Of note, the Fulop Administration has instituted an “ignore” policy for this journalist.


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