ICYMI: Talking Jersey City police corruption on Real Jersey City

Michael Shurin, publisher of Real Jersey City, spoke at length about the corrupt leadership of the Jersey City Police Department and Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office with Ramy Gabr of HudPost during a special live podcast. WATCH/LISTEN BELOW:

Due to multiple requests, the Facebook live show/podcast that occurred on February 3rd, 2018 discussing Jersey City police corruption has been uploaded to YouTube and put on the website. It’s about 30 minutes and was unplanned, but we at Real Jersey City and HudPost hope you enjoy!

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  • Mike, your reporting is 1000% accurate. The pod cast was filled with factual and not fictional reporting. You don’t take sides and are completely unbiased. The Jersey City Police Department has been corrupt for a long time. The off duty jobs were administered in a corrupt way for 60 plus years. It’s about time the bosses take a fall and not just the police officers. The bosses took cash payouts and other perks for turning a blind eye to the corruption. I think the off duty jobs are going away for good. The only problem is that with no off duty work there will be more corruption. Thank you Mike for your honest reporting of this rampant corruption. Keep up the good work! They can’t keep the truth silent forever!

  • Good job Mike and Ramy. I told you my story of police corruption,how I was harassed and threatened by a detective of special investigation unit. I am getting in touch with the feds,like you said they don’t play politics .keep doing what your doing.

  • Mr. Shurin, I love your reporting–you’re a modern day Mike McAlary, without the funding. Do you get a cut of any of the monies that the gov’t could recover? Why don’t you do anything on a State level? Good Luck-keep digging.
    P.S. When you see Fulop, tell him Thanks for waiting until after the election for the reval–cost the City an additional 3-5 million fighting the co. so he could have an easier election.

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