Taxpayers fined $10,000 for Fulop Admin’s ‘flagrant disregard’ for Civil Service

Jersey City Taxpayers have been fined $10,000 due to the Fulop Administration’s “flagrant disregard” for Civil Service regulations, according to a decision obtained by Real Jersey City.

Public Safety Director James Shea & Mayor Steven Fulop (PHOTO: City of Jersey City).

$10,000 might be a drop in the bucket to the Fulop Administration, but it’s the maximum fine allowed by law for “Jersey City’s deliberate indifference to compliance with merit system rules and regulations expected of all local governments,” according to a blistering decision rendered by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission (Civil Service) on October 23, 2019.

The fine being paid by local taxpayers is related to the promotion of 16 Jersey City Police Department (JCPD) officers to the rank of sergeant on August 9, 2018. Civil Service stated that the Fulop Administration failed to “request certifications prior to appointments” and waited ten months – from August 2018 to June 2019 – to request a certification (and then another month later requested retroactive seniority).

Civil Service ultimately spared the 16 JCPD sergeants from any punishment due to the city’s behavior, but still declared that “Jersey City has exhibited a flagrant disregard for the established regulations to which all Civil Service jurisdictions are expected to adhere.”

The harsh words within the decision can’t be a good sign for the Fulop Administration, which is now dealing with potential violations related to the restructuring of the Jersey City Recreation Department.

Per Hudson County View, during a failed city council vote to repeal the ordinance restructuring the rec dept., Ward F Councilman Jermaine Robinson warned city officials that they would not have his support should “a lawsuit be handed down by the civil service commission to the city for anything that we have done.”

The Fulop Administration was not reached for comment on this story because they don’t respond to emails. They can provide Real Jersey City with a comment at any time and the story will be updated.

Of noted, Mark Bunbury recently stepped down as the city’s human resources director amid multiple controversies. Interestingly enough, Public Safety Director James Shea once stated that the Fulop Administration hiring Bunbury “was scraping the bottom of the barrel.”

All that said, at least one source is pointing the blame for the $10,000 fine directly at Shea because “he’s required to ensure that the proper procedures are followed prior to any promotions.”

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