Thanks, Steve Hyman – Real Jersey City moving forward + thoughts on Embankment, Mayor Steven Fulop, JC Politics

Thanking Steve Hyman for his support of Real Jersey City, thoughts on the Sixth Street Embankment, Mayor Steven Fulop, and the website itself moving forward.

Steven Fulop - Sixth Street Embankment - Steve Hyman

Mayor Steven Fulop – Sixth Street Embankment – Steve Hyman

Writer’s note: Brace yourself – this piece is too long, politically incorrect, and filled with innuendo that only a handful will know what I’m referencing (plus a sprinkle of meaningless information).

Given that one of the major critiques of my website hasn’t been with the content as much as the source of funding, and I’ve been 100% transparent about it from the beginning, it should be noted that Steve Hyman has ceased his financial relationship with Real Jersey City.

That’s why I haven’t posted anything new for sometime, you can’t maintain a site like this without a full-time effort – which means funding necessary to get by.

For his support of my work, I, and I hope those that have enjoyed this website since it launched, sincerely thank him.

Few people will ever enjoy the freedom I’ve had as a producer of news and social/political commentary because of Hyman. Unfortunately, his main concern is the Sixth Street Embankment and directly exposing Mayor Steven Fulop, neither of which I’ve done with this website… yet.

But before I do that, I just want to share a few facts about what his support of Real Jersey City has accomplished:

– Forced the local tabloid to avoid looking like The Fulop Journal – now they’re just lame on most of the biggest stories.

A few basic examples that come to mind – the name of the Jersey City ESU officer who killed Lavon King, two JCPD officers crashing a city car in Howell, NJ (JCIA lawyers…), and multiple victims of shootings would’ve likely never been known without his support.

(NOTE: I know some may swear I’m a cop hater, but no one will ever know the amount of professional courtesy I’ve given to the real cops of the JCPD (not even talking Instagram). They already have an impossible task placed upon them, especially in the West and South Districts, what they don’t need is a journalist embarrassing them for clicks, or a civilian leader on the street asking rhetorical questions like “What am I? A f**king idiot.” My criticisms are mostly with the system and those in a position to make real change.)

Professional Courtesy

This is professional courtesy, Steve. (JCIA lawyers…)

Mickey and the JCPD

This was obviously not professional courtesy, Terrence, but an epic picture none the less!

And I know this is meaningless, but isn’t it ironic that a company which moved from Jersey City to Secaucus was gettin’ that #jcmakeityours money… don’t you think?

Jersey Journal JCMakeItYours2

Jersey Journal JCMakeItYours 1

As for another media outlet with an exponentially bigger conflict of interest, that’s a real story for another day (without the whole guilt-by-association-with-Donald Trump thing).

– Exposed the alleged cover-up of JCPD Sgt. Vincent Corso’s DUI in Robbinsville, NJ, and the relationship between Mayor Fulop, the powerful superior officers police union, and JCPD leadership that enabled a politically connected cop who once killed an unarmed 15-year-old – resulting in a $2.4 million settlement for taxpayers – get off the hook.

One of the many lessons learned from that story – Mayor Fulop would deny a law-abiding citizen from Jersey City’s black community the right to carry a concealed firearm for protection, but instead have an officer like Sgt. Corso police the black community. How can Mayor Fulop seriously say he’s for strict gun regulations, watch the video below, and put that person back on the street with a gun?

Another lesson learned is that I don’t think too many “#blacklivesmatter” activists – black, white, and everything in between – exist in Jersey City. To quote soon-to-be-Assemblywoman Angela McKnight, “I’m not here to knock anybody, but when I read ‘oh we should do this, oh we should do that’ and then I don’t see nothing, then why are you talking? Just because you want someone to hear you?”

I get the opposition to the Confederate Flag, hands up and hoodies on in the profile picture, sharing viral stories about racist white Republicans in the middle of nowhere, but not a word about Sgt. Corso policing the black community? No concern about a right-wing militia element in the Emergency Services Unit?

I’ve never seen these activists, at least not consistently nor organized, at a Jersey City Council, Board of Education, or Hudson County Board of Freeholders meeting speaking about changing policies that are hurting the black community. So, yes, I’m using this piece to call out every #blacklivesmatter activist in Jersey City.

To quote Facebook Political Insider (a Facebook group where political thoughts and information is shared, mostly about Jersey City) founder Tyrone Hodge – “They marched for Trayvon Martin – whose from Florida – in Jersey City, but won’t march for the kids dying on the streets in Jersey City.”

That said, marching won’t do much, if anything, in Jersey City, other than capture a little publicity. Consistently attending public meetings in an organized fashion while advocating for a clear agenda will. I really hope people out there read this and prove me wrong, because change is desperately needed, and a federal monitor for the JCPD – just like Newark – is a great starting point (just throwing it out there).

And while many may hate on Hodge as someone who only talks on Facebook, soon-to-be-Assemblywoman McKnight, who was actually dissing Facebook Political Insider in her quote above, still hasn’t walked around with some blood (kool-aid) on her shirt (to the best of my knowledge), or got Mayor Fulop, Chief Zacche, and the Jersey City Council to march with Morticians That Care (that I’m sure of), among other proposals from the day of her speech.

So maybe Angela McKnight was just talking because she wanted someone to hear her, but now she’s in a position of power – where is the #blacklivesmatter policy platform? Right now, I’m kind of, somehow, but not really, feeling like this woman right now:

McKnight is against casinos in Jersey City, but I’ll bet she’ll fall in line with the police unions, because District 31 Assembly members have “ALWAYS” supported the NJSPBA.

Anyhow, I’m going to stop now, because I’m sick to my stomach that due to politics I’m actually going in on a decent person like Angela McKnight. I repeat, she’s not a bad person, but she will certainly be used by the Democratic Party machine.

That’s why I’m calling out anyone who considers themselves a #blacklivesmatter activist – Jersey City needs you. You’re really the only hope against the Democratic Party machine right now.

For example, just in the past year, those juvenile delinquents getting shipped to Union County and other counties, I’ve tried to speak on their behalf, but it wasn’t good enough for the Hudson County Board of Freeholders. I tried talking about Sgt. Corso to the Jersey City Council, but Councilwoman Pastor Joyce Watterman said it was a “personnel issue.” Not saying those issues should be the focus of #blacklivesmatter activists in Jersey City, I’m saying #blacklivesmatter activists could have made a difference on those issues.

Anyhow, it all starts with individuals standing up and speaking out at Jersey City Council and Hudson County Board of Freeholders meetings – emails and social media won’t cut it.

(NOTE: The heartbreaking part of the Robbinsville DUI story is not the corruption, which reinforces the notion that the police cannot be trusted to administer the law impartially, it’s the death of Bishop William Pickett. About a month after Robbinsville police took Corso into custody, Bishop Pickett died in a tragic fire in which the fire department mistakenly went to Grand Ave. instead of Grant Ave. The teenager that Corso killed in 2000 was Michael Anglin, Bishop Pickett’s grandson. Supposedly, until the day he died, Bishop Pickett wore a pin in remembrance of his grandson, and believed that the case would be reopened.)

(SPECIAL NOTE: I’m sorry, Sgt. Corso. I’m sorry that the system enabled your behavior. It’s not really your fault, it’s an epidemic across this country no one wants to talk about (cops, occupational stress, alcoholism, etc.). I’m sorry that your essentially the poster child of why people don’t trust the cops and justice system. I don’t want to see you get prosecuted or go to jail, I actually hope you’ve used that night in Robbinsville to make a positive change in your life. What I do want is for you to retire from the JCPD, saving taxpayers from any potential future litigation.)

– Coverage of every regular, special, and even a few caucus meetings of the Jersey City Board of Education. New Jersey’s second largest school district is terribly underreported on, and I know this because I can think of a few important stories I didn’t have the time to cover.

(NOTE: So much to say about education, just going to keep it to myself because I actually respect the Jersey City BOE, Superintendent Dr. Marcia Lyles, the JCEA and Pres. Ronnie Greco, and all the activists that attend the meetings. I even like the lawyers raking it in off the contract negotiations.)

That’s just a small part of what Hyman has helped accomplish, which is peanuts compared to the countless times he’s quietly helped people from Jersey City in a much more charitable and altruistic manner.


Unfortunately, for Hyman, a small group of “preservation” activists – mostly white liberals who’ve gentrified Downtown Jersey City – have launched a vicious decade-long personal attack on his efforts to develop the Sixth Street Embankment.

The Sixth Street Embankment, which is owned by his wife, Victoria, was part of a former railroad in Downtown Jersey City, across from the Newport Mall, Bed Bath & Beyond, ShopRite, BJ’s, and Pep Boys – which are all being knocked down (except the Newport Mall) as part of a new, flexible development plan initiated by Mayor Fulop.

To be honest, some from Jersey City seem to only remember the Embankment for drug and alcohol filled times.

With some real vision, and I’ve got some for the Embankment, Vickie’s property could develop hundreds of units of affordable housing in Downtown, provide millions for Jersey City Public Schools, create jobs for minority and female contractors, and make an expansion of the Light Rail to Journal Square a reality. Yet the greed of a small few, the Embankment Preservation Coalition, have prevented this from happening because they think they deserve a luxury park developed and paid for by everyone else in the city.

Yes, demanding a luxury park that would cost tens of millions – and millions more to maintain – while other parks in the city deteriorate, some even becoming hot spots for criminal activity, is greedy. That’s not apples and oranges, apples and oranges would be comparing Fulop’s public position on the Embankment with a real preservation project:

Fulop Loew's

The city doesn’t own the Sixth Street Embankment, all Mayor Fulop is doing – like Mayor Healy before him – is wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on the legal bills of the Embankment Preservation Coalition to confiscate the property. The ugly truth is that their strategy is to use the legal system to bankrupt Hyman, or kill him from the stress, on the taxpayers’ dime.

Jersey City Spokesperson Jennifer Morrill’s recent quote to The Fulop Journal, that “Steve Hyman is delusional and not only losing all his money, but clearly also losing his mind,” sounds like a declaration of victory.

The real ugly truth is that the white liberal activists fighting for this luxury park are more concerned with preserving a structure than the actual communities with historical roots in the area. Last I checked, I didn’t see any of them fighting for – or supporting in any way – the senior citizens being kicked to the streets at Villa Borinquen.

But while we’re playing Fantasy Real Estate – I think instead of turning the Embankment into a fantasy luxury park for Downtown, the city should build a park with massive swimming pools and water rides, plus basketball courts, and a field for football training, from the land consisting of Bed Bath & Beyond, ShopRite, and all that parking.

Wouldn’t it be great – given that everyone from the city would paying – to build that park so kids from Downtown, Greenville, The Heights, and West Side can hang out all day during the summer? Sounds better than a bootleg version of NYC’s High Line to me, which the Embankment Preservation Coalition hasn’t really explained how they will pay for yet.

Anyhow, all that said, the Embankment will likely never be a park. If it were to be a park, I doubt that a developer cozy with Fulop would be giving Hyman pathetically low offers (Cory Joseph money) for the property.

I’m not going to get into the details about Fulop and Hyman’s relationship, but for Fulop’s sake, and possibly the special interests that need a Democratic governor, I think they should get back to the negotiating table and resolve this legal nightmare.


Before I begin, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I loved the Iran-Israel speech, not because I see the world in religious terms, but because it was so distinctly Jewish during a time of rising anti-Semitism from the left of the Democratic Party (I guess they’d never vote for him anyway).

Ethnically, like Mayor Fulop, and Steve Hyman, I am a Jew, but I’m really a Russian Jew (it’s an identity thing). In reality, though, I’m agnostic, never had a Bar Mitzvah, and until Steve Hyman, never had any Jews, outside of my parents, look me out in my life. All I really know about Judaism is that people who hate Jews don’t differentiate between secular and religious.

All the Jewish stuff aside, Mr. Mayor, on behalf of credible sources, speaking on behalf of the highly-respected female officer you allegedly accosted on the street, and I have no reason to believe that’s not true – you’re a f***ing idiot!

What were you thinking? Piece of advice, don’t get out of the car near MLK and Atlantic to demean Jersey City cops – especially female officers – when you know you’re not built like that. If you have a problem, report it to Chief Zacche and let him handle it. And if you want to see JCPD cops behaving badly on camera, call me.

(NOTE: Where are all the #bluelivesmatter activists within the Jersey City Police Department? You guys practically rioted because Mayor Healy had to make some tough fiscal decisions, but will you speak out for the dignity of the job at Mayor Fulop’s next fundraiser?)

(NOTE II: Chief Zacche, don’t let Shea and Fulop punk you. “Bubba” might go down as the shortest-tenured chief, you will go down as the guy that let those two geniuses use the department like a prostitute at the Skyway Motel.)

You seem to love talking about Glenn Cunningham when delivering your highly scripted introduction speech at statewide campaign events, how about you take a page from his playbook when it comes to leading the police department?

And speaking of Glenn Cunningham, who to the best of my knowledge was supported by Hyman against the Democratic Party machine when he was elected mayor, can you stop the marginalization of his widow (state Sen. Sandra Cunningham)? I know, politics is politics, but if a man is truly one of your mentors, you don’t attack and undermine his widow every chance you get.

The fact is I haven’t really started to go in, and I’m going to stop now, but I’m sure some day down the road an exclusive, unpublished story might have more value. I’m not even talking easy Democratic Primary headlines like:

  • A Love Story – Mayor Steven Fulop and Gov. Chris Christie’s corporate welfare
  • How Mayor Fulop manipulated NJ’s education funding system to benefit the rich
  • All the Tea Party and Republican activists in Jersey City hired under Mayor Fulop

All I’m asking for is some real leadership on serious issues, because I’ve seen little so far.

First, credit for moving forward on police body cameras, maybe get some dash cam video too?

Second, please honestly inform the public why your administration is blocking me from receiving the same OPRA request filed by the law firm Loccke, Correia, Limsky, & Bukosky, or representatives of, from 2014 and any response or items provided by the City of Jersey City fulfilling request… I hope it’s not another cover-up.

Third, is the city paying the legal bills of the officers, possibly up to $59,463.28, involved with the ESU 3% movement lawsuit?

And do you remember that day at the Temple in Closter, NJ, with Hyman, where it felt like half of the crowd were Snyder High School alumni (Snyder Activist Monique K. Andrews, my witness), and you spoke so highly of Dr. Marcia Lyles?

Well, you also talked a lot about diversifying the ranks of the Jersey City Police Department when responding to a question about events in Ferguson, MO. Simply put, changing the complexion of the JCPD may make everyone feel better about themselves, but what exactly is a diverse police force accomplishing in Baltimore, MD? The problem is with the system, not the officers.

Also, supposedly you said, or maybe it was James Shea, that juveniles/young people won’t be arrested for small amounts of marijuana in Jersey City anymore to a community group. Can you let the public know what the official policy on marijuana enforcement in Jersey City is? Does ending the drug war, across the board, seem like an initiative Gov. Fulop would push?

Oh, and before I forget, will you stand by candidates supportive of Dr. Lyles in this November’s Board of Education election? Because JCEA President Ronnie Greco has made it clear he wants her out.


As for Real Jersey City moving forward, I don’t know what I’m going to do yet, but for the time being I’m looking for other work to make a living. I doubt looking for someone interested in sponsoring this website will be fruitful (but just in case someone is interested, feel free to contact me).

In the meantime, unless something happens, I’ll probably keep quiet. It’s probably best for me to move on, not from Real Jersey City, but with my life from politics. Maybe my personality won’t let me, we’ll see what happens. What I don’t know right now is how I will deal with – thinking long term – all the trouble I’ve likely caused myself from being so politically incorrect.

Unfortunately we all have to face the consequences of our decisions. For now, at least I can say I don’t have too many regrets and I did what I felt I had to do.

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  • The biggest gang in the world (POLICE) won’t get any respect until they clean there mess up and tell on the bad cops. The problem is there are no GOOD cops. When the “good” cops watch everyday another cop violating someones civil rights, assaulting someone etc. and they don’t TELL then there all bad. You don’t break the law to enforce it.
    And Corso won’t stop drinking so just a matter of time until someone suffers at his hands.

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