‘Tired of BS’: The Moral Dilemma of Procrastination and the Kangaroo Court

Procrastination fueled by laziness, not wanting to deal with toxic matters, and a kangaroo court has created a moral dilemma.

Fulop State of the City 2019 (PHOTO: City of Jersey City)

Let’s get straight to the point – I’ve been lazy and have failed to deliver quality content. There were certainly exclusive stories I could have, and probably should have, reported. Instead, I wasted too much of my time pointlessly debating politics on social media – which is obviously inexcusable.

I apologize to those who read this website for nothing more than relief from the standard BS being peddled in and about Jersey City. In the same breath, I can’t handle anymore of the toxic BS. Combined with laziness, it makes up 66% of the reason I’ve been procrastinating to get stories out.

Another 33% is about a kangaroo court administered by the Jersey City Police Department’s (JCPD) corrupt, racist, and sexist Internal Affairs Unit (IAU). Like I’ve previously stated, this website will end 15 days after JCPD Capt. Kelly Chesler’s case – already proven to be complete BS in court – is resolved (in honor of Patrick Mahomes).

I drew the line at the malicious prosecution of a female officer that revealed racism and sexism through a whistleblower lawsuit, and, as crazy as it sounds, I actually defeated & embarrassed those that abused their power in the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office (HCPO).

Since that moment, I’ve found a lot of inner peace – which makes up the final 1% of procrastination.

Unfortunately, and I clearly expressed this to Mayor Steven Fulop about five months ago, the mayor needed to reinstate both Officer Michael O’Neill + Chesler and give them all of the backpay/benefits they’re entitled to and cease any administrative/internal affairs/kangaroo court hearings. Simply put, by continuing the BS case with a kangaroo court, it makes Fulop worse than Suarez & Stoma.

Furthermore, by continuing the retaliation, all Fulop has done is further expose Jersey City taxpayers to serious litigation. Here’s the reality – if it were Chesler and her attorney, Jeffrey Garrigan, trying her civil case in U.S District Judge Susan Wigenton’s courtroom, with the jury Deputy Chief David Goldrich got for his BS case… I’ve got a strong feeling it would end with an eye-popping payday and complete embarrassment for Fulop.

Speaking of Goldrich’s BS case, and it was complete BS, I feel like I was traumatized by attending that trial. It was an experience that inflicted psychological damage to the point I don’t want to write about cops and their BS anymore. If it weren’t for Public Safety Director James Shea speaking so brazenly with me in his presence, it would have been a total loss.

For those interested, the last saved draft of my write-up covering the trial is at 2,300 words. I plan on publishing it one of these days. Deputy Chief The Hague 201 has certainly been waiting impatiently.

Yet, the Goldrich trial isn’t the only story that’s been a victim of my procrastination. And now, given my planned endeavors separate of Real Jersey City, I’ve created a moral dilemma for myself. Should I write about things I generally believe the public should know, beyond law enforcement matters, and potentially risk jeopardizing my own prospects?

Despite the psychological damage, I’ll likely muster the strength to write about cops and their BS. It’s the other stuff I’m conflicted about – like talking about Gov. Phil Murphy, or Dixon Advisory, or the Jersey City Board of Education, or Jersey City Together and Bayfront Development.

Stay tuned.

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