Woman arrested by NJ Transit Police for assault at Harsimus Cove Light Rail Station

Following up on a video published by Real Jersey City, the woman caught on camera assaulting a man at the Harsimus Cove Light Rail Station was arrested after being wanted by New Jersey Transit police in connection with the incident.

With over 10,000 views, plus hundreds of comments and shares, video of an assault near the Harsimus Cove Light Rail Station had social media buzzing.

According to the person who caught the incident on camera, the man being assaulted didn’t know the woman attacking him (with what appeared to be a cable wire).

In response to the video, some advocated for violent self-defense, others questioned whether the man instigated the encounter. While the former is more of a philosophical question, it seems the latter has been answered.

According to a New Jersey Transit Police Department (NJTPD) representative, the woman caught on camera has been arrested.

Although no further information was provided, a wanted posting by the NJTPD details a November 24, 2018, incident at approximately the same time the original video was being recorded live on Facebook.

The Wanted posting by the NJTPD states that the victim reported “the female actor attacked him unprovoked and punched him two or three times with a closed fist” while he was sitting on a Light Rail train.

After they both exited the train at the Harsimus Cove stop, she allegedly “tried to light him on fire and swung at him with what appeared to be a headphone cord.” The Wanted report says the woman shouted at him “you know me, you know my family, stay away from us, I have an eleven year old boy, do you want someone to perform on you.”

The video obtained by Real Jersey City doesn’t exactly match what was quoted in the Wanted report, but is relatively similar. WATCH BELOW:


  • Jeez, That’s what he got for trying to pay a lady a compliment. All he said is ‘ You got some nice tit’s, honey ‘. What’s this world coming to ?

    • That is not unprovoked then. That is absolutely reason to attack. She’s not even half his size and he got off the train at the same stop as she did. If indeed he said anything about her body, looks, etc, then she had every reason to fear for her life, be defensive and take action.

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